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ArtSolution is the official partner of .ART for the Preferred Access Period. An exclusive token-based limited registration period for businesses, organisations and individuals from the global art world.

General Availability Has Arrive!
.ART is now available to the general public.
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Early Adopters of .Art


The Foundation Beyeler
The Art Institute of Chicago
Centre Pompidou
Institute of Contemporary Art,
Miami (ICA Miami)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
M+ Museum
MALBA: Museo de Arte
Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires
MAXXI: Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
Multimedia Art Museum
Museo Tamayo
Power Station of Art
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Van Abbemuseum
Walker Art Center
WIELS Contemporary Art Center


The Biennale des Antiquaires


Artists Space
Beirut Art Center
Creative Time
Delfina Foundation
Para Site
RAW Material Company


Canesso Gallery
Daniel Katz Ltd
David Levy & Associates
Didier Claes
Galerie Meyer Oceanic & Eskimo Art
Hauser & Wirth
Koopman Rare Art
Lawrie Shabibi
Stern Pissarro Gallery
Tomasso Brothers Fine Art
Wienerroither & Kohlbacher

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of a typical (standard) .ART domain on

1st-year registration fee: $299
Annual renewal fee: $18.99
VAT may be applicable in addition depending on where you are located and if you are a business etc.

What is the reason behind the pricing of .ART domains?

Our Preferred Access Period is an exclusive period which provides for the opportunity to the members of the art world to be the very first to choose and register their ideal domain names. Once purchased during this period, you will be able to renew your .ART domain at the usual domain rates in the following years.

The domain I want is priced higher than $299. Why?

Because the domain you selected is a premium name. Premium names are generic words or word combinations that are related to the artistic industry or in general, and carry a premium value. The popularity of the generic term, its length, and memorability all factor into the pricing. We have done a big data analysis of over 150 million word forms considering several parameters including:

*Search popularity
*Prior sales
*Current asking price
*Frequency of selection in other domain zones
*Linguistic strength of association to arts and culture

This big data algorithm assists us in preparing our premium names’ list and pricing logic

What is the renewal rate of a premium domain name on

Annual renewal fee: $49.99

Why are there so many price variations between different domains?

.ART domains are priced based on a relatively sophisticated set of algortihms, taking into account the length of the domain, its popularity in other domain zones, its relevance to the word “art”, and its usage on the internet. We believe that these criteria lead to a more accurate pricing of .ART domains.


I searched for a domain name but the search result returned ‘unavailable’ / ‘taken’ / ‘registered’. Why?

There may be a few reasons why it shows as unavailable: It may have been registered, so we suggest that search for the domain on

If the domain is unregistered, this probably means we may have reserved this domain. ICANN prohibits us from releasing certain domain names for sale. This prohibition includes some common words and some two-character domain names. In addition, we are holding back certain high-value domains for the moment.

A lot of names I search for are either unavailable or high priced. Can you please explain?

On the .ART domain zone, there are several millions of word and number combinations available for registration. We have reserved a number of domain names for various reasons, such as ICANN requirements or future use.

Different registrars indicate different availability on a single domain, where one shows it as available and the other unavailable. Why is that?

It is probably because the domain you searched for is a premium name. Some registrars choose not to offer premium names to their customers. It is typically a business decision on their side. This means though that when you search a premium name on that registrar’s website, it returns a result to say it is unavailable, whereas it actually shows as available with a different registrar.

In that case, which registrars offer the biggest choice of .ART domains? offers the widest availability of .ART domains, and so do a few select domain registrars in the market.

What domain names should I register?

It is up to you but if one of your choices is unavailable, you may want to try alternative words or abbreviations to find the right choice for you.

During the Preferred Access Period, do I apply for a domain and wait until May or register it immediately?

Domain names will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. As soon as you have successfully completed the registration process, the domain will be yours.

Eligibility | Customer Journey | Tokens

What is Preferred Access Period?

It is an exclusive domain registration phase running from 2 pm on 8 February to 1:59 pm on 9 May 2017. During this period, only established members of the art world are eligible to register .ART domains.

What do you mean by the “established members of the art world”?

Individuals, businesses and organisations who identify themselves with the artistic and creative fields globally.

What is an invitation token?

It is a unique token that allows eligible art world members to register .ART domains during Preferred Access Period. It is an alpha-numeric token made up of 32 characters and looks something like this:


What is the verification form?

It is a form that allows an interested party to identify themselves as part of the art world by providing a few essential details. Once the form is correctly completed and submitted, our system will capture the information and issue an invitation token.

My art category is not listed on the verification form. Does it mean I am ineligible?

No, it does not. Please choose “other” in the dropdown menu where indicated and complete the field shown.

How can I use the invitation token to register a .ART domain?

If you have received an invitation token from us or our partners, simply enter it when prompted

If you do not have an invitation token, you will have the opportunity to complete the verification form and obtain the token under the Requirements section of the registration process on When your request has been accepted and the token issued, the token will be auto-filled in the appropriate box and will be sent to you via email as well.

How do you verify that the information submitted via the verification form is accurate?

We review a statistical sample of the data as well as rely on community input for any potential abusive behaviour

It seems to me that anyone who completes the verification form gets an invitation token. How do you actually monitor who is in and who is out?

Our aim is to facilitate that the world’s artistic and creative minds find a suitable space for themselves in the .ART community. We therefore ask that registrants self-certify that they meet the eligibility criteria by telling us who they are and what their role in the art world is.

How many .ART domains can I register by using one invitation token?

There is no limit.

How long is the invitation token valid for?

It is valid through to 1:59 pm on 9 May 2017, but it is advisable that you register your preferred domain sooner than later.

What if I used my invitation token but want to register additional domains?

You can simply follow the domain registration process on and complete the verification form. If you mention in the message part that you purchased a .ART domain previously, it will allow us to identify your eligibility much quicker

I’m pastry chef from France. I think that my line of work is creative and what I create on a daily basis is a piece of art. Am I eligible during February-May phase?

Each person’s identification with the arts is unique and personal. We have created the validation system to enable the art world to express their connection to the artistic and creative fields. By completing the verification form, you will get the chance to claim your spot in the .ART domain zone.

Registrar choices

Why does my registrar say .ART doesn’t exist / is unavailable?

It is likely because they are not technically ready to sell .ART domains just yet.

I tried to transfer my .ART domain to my registrar but they say it is impossible. Why is that?

Some domain registrars do not support .ART (or new TLDs). It is simply their business decision. We are constantly working on widening our retail channel.

My registrar is taking pre-registrations / pre-orders? Does it guarantee my domain?

Not fully. Various registrars may take pre-registrations for the same domain name from different registrants. When the domain names go on official sale, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Therefore there is a possibility that another registrar with the same pre-ordered domain name registers the name before your registrar, meaning your pre-order may be cancelled.

I pre-registered a domain long time ago, but I recently received a cancellation. Why and how can I ensure I get my domain of choice?

The majority of pre-registration models really mean an expression of interest which allows the registrar to keep in touch with the interested person about the launch when the time comes. Cancellation of the pre-registration is entirely beyond our control. Registering your domain name as soon as possible is the best way to secure your desired .ART web address.

How can you ensure my registrar carries .ART so that I can have all of my domains under one roof?

Please get in touch with and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your request.

Technical Questions

I have an existing website. How can I redirect my .ART domain to my existing website?

You can do so in the dashboard of your account where you have your domain registered. If this option is not available in the dashboard, you will need to set it up with your web hosting.

I have an existing website. How can I redirect my existing website to my .ART domain?

You can do so in the dashboard of your account where you have your domain registered. If this option is not available in the dashboard, you will need to set it up with your web hosting.

How can I build a website on my .ART domain?

You can contact ArtSolution, specialise in website development in the art market.

What happens to my search ranking on Google if I switch my website to .ART?

If you follow the necessary steps for a domain switch, you should not lose any ranking on Google.

Does Google support .ART TLD?

Yes, it does. .ART functions like any other domain.

Can I put the exact same content that I have on my main website onto my .ART domain?

It is not advisable to copy content on two domains as Google is known to penalise this behaviour

UK Creative Ideas | About .ART

What is the story of .ART?

When ICANN opened up to allow for new domain zones to exist on the internet, UK Creative Ideas (UKCI) applied to ICANN to operate the .ART domain zone. After a long evaluation process, ICANN awarded the contract to UKCI.

Who is bringing .ART to the market?

UKCI, an international team based in London, and founded by Ulvi Kasimov who is an IT venture investor who has launched and developed a number of projects – from artificial intelligence search engines to an e-commerce platform.

Ulvi has always been passionate about developing infrastructure because of the practical application and added value it provides to communities. So, he explored the various sectors lacking IT infrastructure, and discovered that while technology had radically transformed daily life in most industries, the art market had not yet fully embraced the tech revolution – in fact, the art world online is still in its infancy. He recognized the opportunity to develop online infrastructure for the art world, which could potentially bring about more freedom, increased transparency, greater choice, and build stronger community.

I have been hearing about .ART since 2012. Why has it taken so long to launch?

ICANN requires detailed and complex technical and operational processes before a new top-level domain can go live.

Is there .ARTS or other similar domain extensions?

No, there is not. .ART is unique in that it is short, distinctive, and encompasses all artistic and creative fields.

I read that you mention building the “.ART community”. What do you mean by that?

It means that providing the ability to people and businesses using .ART domains online to have a distinct and special place on the internet.

About .ART

The rights holder in charge of operating and selling the .ART domain is UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI), an international team based in London. The .ART team is passionate about art as well as technology, and completely dedicated to making .ART the world’s most successful creative domain.

They are committed to preserving current and historical treasures for the future.

The .ART vision is to create an online neighborhood where everyone from established arts organisations to emerging artists can identify themselves as members of the art community, and connect with like-minded individuals and organisations from the global art world.

Over time, the .ART registry will collaborate with the art community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity.

About ArtSolution

ArtSolution is a well-established enterprise in the art market, entering its 12th year of operation. Nowadays ArtSolution is considered as THE preferred technology partner for high end art dealers, galleries and management system for major international art fairs such as TEFAF (Maastricht), Masterpiece (London), BRAFA (Brussels) and the Art Miami fairs (9 in the USA).

ArtSolution is also the founder and operator of MasterArt, launched in March 2012 as the first online art platform dedicated exclusively to the high end of the Art Market. To date, MasterArt has been a media-based business consisting of a web portal ( showcasing over 15,000 works of art available for sale by leading galleries, and an elegant printed directory. MasterArt has essentially pre-empted the super-premium end of the market and has built an exclusive reputation among the highest end dealers, investors/collectors and sponsors of world-leading art fairs, where MasterArt enjoys a strong presence.

Our many years of experience in the art market enable us to fully understand our clients’ specific needs and requirements and to provide highly professional consulting on web strategy.

For further information see our main website:


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